Wedding and Engagement Videography


For some moments, a single photo just does not give them justice. A kiss. A dance. A toast. This is where a wedding video comes in. All will be taken in a wedding video from walking down the aisle, looking each other in the eye while saying wedding vows, holding hands and sealing the ceremony with a kiss. Emotions and affections will clearly be captured in the video. Our team will candidly capture the moments of the day in a natural documentary style.

Video options vary we offer an assortment of packages, at a variety of price ranges to meet the needs of any budget.


We took a trek out to the Mojave Desert, hours and hours into the middle of nowhere, to watch the Lanterns fly in the night sky. This beautiful moment could only be topped off with one thing, a proposal. The bright candle filled lanterns, against the black sky, created a really spectacular engagement video.

This is a short snippet of the wedding we did for our friends on the water, right here in beautiful San Diego. Here is some footage from that truly beautiful, dream wedding. We hope you enjoy - we sure did!

Here is a short Engagement video we filmed for our friends - Erica and Sandro - to celebrate their engagement at Carlsbad Beach. We were grateful for the chance to document their engagement together, on the beach in beautiful Carlsbad, California.

This is a photo highlight reel, compiled for our clients Karina and JP. This is designed to be shared on Social Media, and features is a video compilation of photographs we took when we photographed during the Engagement shoot and on their Wedding Day.

This is a brief highlight video we produced for our friends, so they could share their Wedding Day with their family and friends who were unable to attend in person, and share across Social Media.

This is a short wedding video we produced for our friends Travis and Marissa. They were kind enough to invite us up to Chino Hills to celebrate their wedding in one of the most regal country clubs around. Here is the video we captured.

In this engagement video we went with our friends, the happy couple Vlad and Nina, to the park. Then we followed them up in their Cessna as the they took to the skies and soared about the city lights. What a spectacular view!

Above is an engagement video we produced for our friends Nasha and Omar, while we took the photos for their engagement shoot. We then played the finished product for them during their wedding receptions, telling their story for their friends and family. It was also a great little piece form them to share with their family and friends on social media.


Below are a few examples of the extended length wedding videos we have produced as well.