Public Service Announcement: Toronto School Board

Here are three Public Service Announcement’s our team produced for the Canadian Government. The first video is on the Enhanced Language Training Program for Immigrant Women. The second video is for Enhanced Language Training For Employment Program is a business language training program. Both videos were created to improve language proficiency and communication skills for non-native speakers, in collaboration between the Toronto District School Board and the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This is a low quality transfer (picture lock only) not the final edit of the video.

Social Media Advertisement: Yes to the Dress!

Here is a promo video we produced for our friends at Archive Bridal, a local bridal boutique located in Carlsbad, California. Not only are they our neighbors, but they are the perfect starting point for any bride-to-be. We wanted to produce a quick video highlighting their store and the phenomenal collection of stunning wedding dresses. If you are getting married and can visit their shop in Carlsbad or visit their website.

What is Co-Sourcing?

Here is a series of videos we produced in 2016 for one of our clients, as part of their efforts to engage, and inform, their clients about the services and resources they provide. One of the specialty services they provide to start-ups and small businesses is co-sourcing, and it it ind=introduced and explained in more detail here. These videos were designed for their own YouTube and Facebook channel, to be shared and inform their current clientele.

Baptisms and Birthdays

We are always grateful for the opportunity to capture the important moment in the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors. We love documenting life as it happens in our community. These are a few examples of event videos we have produced, these ones specifically cover Baptisms and Christenings, as well as Birthdays and Quinceaneras. We hope you enjoy!

Social Media Promos: ERC Happy Hour

These are two promotional videos we created for the Employer Resource Center (ERC) advertising their monthly "Happy Hour". This event is a networking and informational event for employers, contractors, and staffing companies. This Ad was created to be shared across social media platforms targeting potential customers informing them of these regularly scheduled events

Corporate Trucking Promo

This is a Social Media video we created for our friends over at KKW Trucking in Pomona, California. The purpose of this video was to educate the public about their Trucking Event, where they educated the public on Trucking and Traffic Safety. This was a really great event, we were glad to be invited.

Promo: The Edge

This is a promotional video we produced for The Edge, which is a bi-monthly newsletter for contractors. This short video they used as a social media promo highlighting their booth at Cal Con Expo (the Construction Industry Convention) in Long Beach.

Social Media Promo Videos for Everlasting Events

This is a series of promotions videos we created back in 2015 for our friends and customers at Everlasting Event's - a local DJ service targeting corporate events, private events, and weddings. These were designed to be shared across social media - Instagram and Facebook specifically - to help them engage their current customer base and find new customers. We are happy to report that they were happy with the results, and we are glad we could help their business grow.

Social Media Advertisement: The Lotus Trolley Bag

Here is a video we produced for our customers, and close friends, over at the Lotus Trolley Bag. This same video, has garnered nearly two million views on Facebook, not only helping this small San Diego start-up grow, but has helped reduce the number of plastic bag contaminating our oceans and coastlines. For more information on this revolutionary product, you can visit: and pick one up today, or you can purchase these amazing bags on Amazon.

The Lessons in Leadership Series

This is a series of videos we produced for our friends at The Corporate Advocate (TCA). These videos are from a series of videos, where CEO Ray Anderson takes time to mentor, train, and coach young entrepreneurs and small business owners based on his own wisdom. These videos were designed to increase engagement, by proving value driven content to potential clients. This campaign was a successful one.

The Weekly Q&A with the CEO

These videos we produced for one of our previous corporate clients back in 2017. This was part of their new social media strategy we helped them develop, to really ramp-up engagement with their followers. engagement strategy. This campaign was called the "Weekly Q&A", and in it the CEO of the company took some time to answer common questions his customers and potential customers had. This is a great example of how to create serial, value driven content.

Federal Voucher Program Education

Here is a video our team helped produce for our friends at JS Platinum Insurance Services, to help educate small business owners about the the “On The Job Training” voucher program they are entitled too. The goal of this video was to educate their customers on this specifically they are all ready paying into through their payroll tax, and how to access the funds. This is not really our cup of tea, but we were glad we could help them out and learn something new.

Advertisement: Where Canada Goes To Party!

In the above video, we were asked to produce a promotional video for Philthy McNatsy’s Bar and Grill, the famed sports bar in downtown Toronto where "Canadian’s go to party (and watch the Stanley Cup). This video was designed to be shared on their website and Facebook page, and promote the “college-party” atmosphere for which this local bar and grill is known.

Advertisement: Attention Employers!

This is an educational video we created for the Employer Resource Center (ERC), explaining how small business can benefit from federal funding for hiring and training programs. This video was created as an advertisement designed to educated potential clients of the resources and services that the ERC provides for clients. This video was a commercial designed to be shown paid advertising of Facebook and YouTube, maybe you have seen this ad yourself?

Social Media: Legislative Day

Here are a few videos we produced for our friends at The Corporate Advocate. They were designing a social media campaign designed to encourage similar businesses in their sector to attend the 13th annual Legislative Day in Sacramento, hosted by the California Staffing Professionals. This was an opportunity for businesses and vendor in the staffing industry to meet their California Legislators, discuss pending legislation, and lobby or their issues. We produced a series of videos like these, to increase participation.