We are a local business founded less than a mile from the beach right here in North County. Our team, and our subcontractors, are residents and natives of the same San Diego communities as our customers are. Here is a little more about our team:


In telling a story visually, I strive to be an artist every time I record visuals with a camera. Every photo shoot, every film, I have directed - while often similar in ritual - is the portrayal of someone's life and evolution of their story. I seek to tell this story through a photo-journalistic essay infused with a sense of artistry - to capture the feelings of the theme as well as to document the subtle nuances. With the collaboration of cast and crew, the personality of a project emerges and imparts a realism to the images that forever speaks to the viewer. I believe that the recording of every story should be worthy of its personal meaning, its depth of emotion, and its celebration of love and beauty.


I capture events because of my love for film. I have been making short films, filming wedding and events, making content for social media, and using a camera for the last 12 years. I want to use my skill set in a way that brings light to other people. Weddings and special events are about love and creating lasting memories, and our goal at SD Photo & Video is to capture that on film. Your event video will be something you cherish for the rest of your life because it is your story. Your special day. And there is no better way to capture the day and share the memories than with video. After filming my first first wedding I fell in love with videography. I loved meeting new people. I loved finding that right angle to bring a moment to life on film. I loved the feeling I got when couples would watch the video and fall in love all over again.  We love filming events. That is the first thing you will notice about our staff when we work with you. This is our life. There is nothing we would rather do. All our cinematographers have degrees in film and experience in film and television aside from the years they have spent working on events. We bring a level of expertise not found with amateurs.


As a storyteller, I strive to capture the human experience through the power of words and images. I have always been humbled and intrigued by the power of the visual arts.  Each communication medium is specifically designed to channel emotion and invoke response; and I have enjoyed studying these throughout my life. I was offered my first job when I was a teenager, working in a broadcast television studio, and I have never stopped. I studied cinema and new media here in San Diego, and received my Master’s for Pepperdine University. As a filmmaker, I am constantly looking to find compelling new stories which challenge and inspire. Film and video are unique, as the juxtaposition of images and sounds allows for an unrivaled, emotionally immersive experience.

Our Commitment To Your Privacy

At SD Photo & Video, we are fully committed to protecting your privacy and personal information to the best of our ability. The trust of our clients is paramount, and we recognize that earning your trust is dependent upon how we treat all information that is shared with us. All personal information is treated with the utmost confidence, and we will not release your personal information to any third party, under any circumstance, unless otherwise stated in our contract. Our software is updated on a regular basis to maximize the protection of your personal information. Our website contains links to other websites and upon entering these sites, you will be subject to their privacy and security policies.

Questions about our privacy policy can be directed to: info@sdphotoandvideo.com